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Insights Association Launches Insights Association Certificates

In January 2021, the Insights Association released the Insights Association Certificates to encourage market research professionals to acquire standardized market research education based on the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™).

What are Insights Association Certificates?

The holder of an Insights Association Certificate (IAC) demonstrates an advanced level of expertise and dedication in the category of their choice. These certificates recognize your professional development, commitment to marketing research excellence and pursuit of professional growth. 

As a top educational provider in this field, we worked with the Insights Association to develop a series of specialty certificates to support you in furthering your professional knowledge and career growth.  

You may be eligible for one of these Insights Association Certificates (IAC). Keep reading to find out!

Available Insights Association Certificates

The following topic certificates will help you gain additional insights on your path to certification. You may qualify for more than one IPC specialty. For more information, please contact us.

Insights Association Qualitative Certificate

Do you want to be recognized as having an advanced understanding in designing and managing qualitative research and analyzing and reporting the results of qualitative research? If so, consider IA’s Qualitative Certificate.

Principles Express Course Required

If yo have already completed this Principles Express course, apply for your Insights Association Qualitative Certificate today.

Insights Association Analytics Certificate 

If you are interested in being recognized as having an advanced understanding of data analysis, analytic techniques, and use of secondary data should consider the IA’s Analytics Certificate.  

Principles Express Courses Required

You can also purchase these three courses bundled together with our Analytics 1-2-3 course.  If you have already completed these Principles Express courses, apply for your Insights Association Analytics Certificate today.

Insights Association Practitioner Certificate 

Do you want to be recognized as having an advanced understanding of the research process, research design and data identification, and the current framework of ethical and legal best practices? Then, consider the IA’s Practitioner Certificate.  

Principles Express Courses Required

If you have already completed these courses, apply for your Insights Association Practitioner Certificate

Insights Association Specialist Certificate

The Insights Association also offers a Specialist Certificate which is customizable and can recognize a mastery in any three of the thirteen topics of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™). 

Choose from the Following Principles Express Courses

If you have already completed three of these Principle Express courses, apply for your Insights Association Specialist Certificate

Additional Information & Resources

You may enroll for any of our market research courses directly online. Principles Express courses are affordable, self-paced, topic-oriented courses that can be completed in 30 days or less. The average course takes approximately 9 to 11 hours in total to complete. Group enrollment discounts are available when purchasing 10 or more courses. 

Other IA Certificates To Be Offered through MRII and UGA

The Market Research Institute International and the University of Georgia will soon offer courses to fulfill the Insights Association Qualitative Certificate and the Insights Association Quantitative Certificate. If you would like to be contacted when these courses are available, sign up for email notifications

Contact Information
For more information on course enrollment, IA certificates, or industry association certification programs, please email Pam Bracken, Department Head of Special Projects and Curriculum Development or call +1 706-542-3537.

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