Group Enrollments

Invest in Your Team’s Research Skills

MRII and UGA are proud to offer Group Enrollments for all courses. Enroll in a course as an organization, or come together to take multiple courses with your team.

While Principles of Market Research is a self-paced online class, for years many organizations have learned first hand how they can benefit from group enrollment of their employees, whether through web conferences or in person.

The benefits of group study

  • Instill your organizational culture and values. 
  • Teach the procedures required by your organization, especially to new employees before they acquire bad habits they’ll need to unlearn. 
  • Reinforce your organizational mission and values by showing how market research influences decisions and outcomes. 
  • Align your organizational procedures with the course, communicating to your employees that your company is committed to best practices for your industry. 

Group interaction makes Principles of Market Research come alive by connecting it to events and relationships in your workplace. Concepts that might seem abstract or difficult during self-study make more sense when learners see how they relate to day-to-day tasks and projects. By sharing real-world experiences, study-group participants help each other connect the curriculum to their own lives, thereby increasing understanding about how different job functions combine to drive business results.

Further, your employees who participate in group study will enjoy these added benefits, compared to the experience of individual learners:

  • Increased comprehension
  • More motivated learners
  • Faster course completion
  • Better exam results
  • Higher graduation rates

The University of Georgia offers discounts for group enrollments starting at 10 or more participants. 

The UGA staff will co-lead an online kick-off orientation with employees, demonstrating the UGA learning management system that provides access to the course and discussing the course requirements. 

See the “Benefits of Group Study” white paper to learn the top five strategies for group study and to review a case study with a major consumer products company.

The Principles of Market Research course helps both new and experienced market research practitioners understand the full process of research from beginning to end. This online course is completed through self-paced study and covers the 13 topics of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™).

This popular course is endorsed by all major market research and insights industry associations and is kept up-to-date to reflect new methods and concepts in the market research industry. It offers an engaging learning experience through interactive exercises and continuous feedback, so participants can gauge their progress throughout the course. Successful completion earns a Certificate of Program Completion and qualifies graduates for the certification designations of three global professional associations.

For 10 or more Principles Express registrations receive a discounted rate of $319 per registration. For 10 to 24 participants in the Principles of Market Research course, receive a discounted rate of $1,545 per registration. For 25 or more, please email Pam Bracken.

Many of our corporate clients keep their employees focused using a group study format. A modest investment in time and planning can pay big dividends. Learners will complete the course faster, score better on exams, and understand how the concepts and skills they’ve learned apply to your organization’s goals and culture.