Exploring the Future of Healthcare Insights in Greenbook

Recently, MRII’s Executive Director, Ed Keller, and Charlotte Sibley, President at Sibley Association and an MRII Board member, wrote for Greenbook in “Unlocking the Future of Market Research in the Healthcare Sector.” The article looks at the keys to job satisfaction in market research as revealed by MRII’s For The Love of Learning: Career Development in a Changing Market Research Industry study.  The article is adapted from a keynote address Charlotte and Ed gave at the Intellus Worldwide 2023 Fall Institute and reports on both the views of market research professionals worldwide, as well as results that are particular to the healthcare sector.

The study was wide ranging, revealing that job satisfaction among market research professionals is high, with factors like relationships with coworkers and opportunities for learning and growth playing significant roles. Satisfaction with training and development is a major factor in overall job satisfaction.  However, they discuss how there’s room for improvement in areas like advancement opportunities and communication from executive management.

In the article for Greenbook, Ed and Charlotte take a deeper dive into results from the healthcare sector, where the MRII study finds that while there are numerous similarities with other industries, there are also notable differences. For example, there’s a higher proportion of long-tenured professionals and more reliance on traditional research methods in healthcare market research. There’s a growing recognition of the importance of continuous learning and skill development, with data visualization, advanced analytics, and AI emerging as key areas of interest.

“Unlocking the Future of Market Research in the Healthcare Sector” also highlights some challenges facing healthcare insights professionals, including concerns about the industry’s direction and the need for greater involvement in decision-making processes. However, there’s a strong sense of mission among healthcare insights professionals, who believe that market research is integral to their organization’s goals.

Read the article in Greenbook for valuable thoughts and sharing of research into the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in an ever-changing insights industry. By embracing change and investing in professional development, market research professionals can navigate challenges and seize new opportunities, ultimately driving innovation and growth in the field.

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