The Questions That Leaders Should Ask When Presented Results

The Questions That Leaders Should Ask When Presented Results

At the Insights Association NEXT conference yesterday, Andrea Jones-Rooy of New York University shared some perspectives for the questions that leaders should ask when working with data scientists. As Andrea showed in her Venn diagram, where traditional researchers have statistics and substantive expertise, data scientists add hacking skills; the two groups are more similar than […]

An Infographic for Customer Experience Maps


Think about your own recent purchases. When did you think about whatever it is that you bought? Of course, the product or service differs based on what it is and what your need is. For example, going to the grocery store and purchasing a lettuce salad involves a completely different sort of input than, say, […]

Scenario Planning for Insights Professionals

crystal ball showing a vision

I recently was reviewing this scenario-planning workshop, not realizing it was run by Carol Shea, of Olivetree Insights. Seeing it, I reached out to her to discuss the importance and relevance of scenario planning for researchers right now. Carol and I have often talked at conferences, and I always learn something from her: she has […]

MRII Introduces the Reg Baker Award to Cover Enrollment in Principles Express Courses

SARASOTA, Florida – APRIL 9, 2020 – A new awards program will cover tuition for market researchers around the globe who are interested in furthering their education through industry-leading online courses. The Market Research Institute International named this new awards program in honor of Reg Baker, the first North American ambassador of ESOMAR, and it […]

Conducting Research During a Pandemic

Conducting Research During a Pandemic

What should we keep in mind while conducting research during a pandemic? Good researchers, qual and quant, are empathetic. They empathize with research participants, they empathize with businesses trying to solve specific problems. Now, more than ever, that empathy must be nurtured. Some potential participants are moving kids home from college on no notice, some […]

Mind Modeling: Identifying Cheez-It’s Distinctive Attributes

At Quirks Brooklyn, Tim Hoskins of Quester shared a Kellogg’s case study. “Kellogg’s was stuck in a rut trying to identify a new and compelling way to talk about ‘100% real cheese.’  While the existing campaign had been running successfully for an impressive 11 years, nearly all their competitors had followed suit with the same […]