Why I Support MRII’s Emerging Markets Award: A Personal Perspective

By Jim Whaley, MRII Board Member and CEO of OvationMR

This year the Market Research Institute International made the bold step of announcing a new, important award focused on supporting emerging markets. The Emerging Markets Award is sponsored by my company, OvationMR, and presented in partnership with ESOMAR and the University of Georgia. This award has some of the highest engagement among candidates looking for educational  certification scholarships in the history of the MRII.

As the CEO of OvationMR and a proud member of the Board of Directors at MRII, I am excited to share with you why we are deeply committed to the MRII Emerging Markets Award. This award is not just an acknowledgement of achievement; it is a catalyst for a step forward of recognition and positive change in the field of market research, particularly in emerging markets in three regions located within Latin America, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Pacific. Our support at OvationMR and MRII for this initiative is rooted in our belief that fostering growth and excellence in these regions is crucial for the evolution of our global market research community.

“The nominees’ gratitude and hunger for the opportunity to upskill and advance in the profession shone through loud and clear in their submissions. This award marks a significant step towards addressing the educational needs in these important and often underserved markets.”Lisa Courtade, Executive Director, Global Business Insights & Analytics at Organon and MRII Board of Directors

A Vision for the Future

At OvationMR, our vision is clear: to empower decision-makers with precise and actionable insights. This vision extends beyond the boundaries of established markets into regions that are often overlooked but hold immense potential. By supporting the MRII’s effort, we aim to spotlight talents and ideas from these areas, bringing them to our collective point of focus which might be characterized as the global stage.

Emerging markets are not just growing economies; they are a hotbed of creativity and all that is new and inspiring in research and more than that they represent resilience. The unique challenges faced by these markets often lead to innovative approaches and solutions which frankly, we can all draw from. Through the MRII Emerging Markets Award, we want to ensure that these works, efforts, and innovations receive the recognition and platform they deserve.

Empowering Local Talent

One of the most significant aspects of the MRII Emerging Markets Award is its focus on empowering local talent. By recognizing and rewarding new and upcoming researchers from these regions, we help elevate their work and encourage them to continue their valuable contributions to the industry. This supportive action nurtures a culture of research and analytical thinking crucial for the development of any market.

At OvationMR, we understand that the future of market research lies in diversity—of thought, approach, and perspective. The MRII Emerging Markets Award is a step towards embracing this diversity, offering researchers from various backgrounds the opportunity to shine and influence the global market research narrative.

A Commitment to Quality and Positive Change

Our involvement in this initiative also stems from our commitment to quality and creative development. As market researchers, we are in a constant quest for data that not only informs but also transforms. The fresh perspectives brought by researchers from emerging markets are invaluable. They challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what is possible in market research.

By supporting this award, we are not just acknowledging these contributions; we are actively investing in the future. We believe nurturing these talents and ideas will lead to a richer, more comprehensive understanding of global markets and consumer behavior.

 Building Bridges

Another critical reason why we support the MRII Emerging Markets Award is the opportunity it creates for building bridges between different parts of the world. Market research is inherently global, but too often, our focus can become too narrow, confined to comfortable geographic predefinitions. This award opens doors to new collaborations and partnerships, fostering a more interconnected industry and comprehensive solutions.

At OvationMR, we are passionate about building these connections. We believe that the best way to advance our industry is together, learning from each other and sharing experiences. The program is a step toward sharing and bringing different parts of the world closer together through the universal language of data.

An Invitation to Industry Leaders

As we continue to support this award, we invite other industry leaders to join us. Your involvement will make a significant difference in how we shape the future of market research in emerging markets and beyond.

This award is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together to support excellence and new ideas. It is an investment in the future—a future where market research is more diverse, inclusive, and impactful.

A Call to Action

To my fellow industry leaders, I urge you to consider the immense benefits of supporting initiatives like the MRII’s Emerging Markets Award or becoming part of the MRII Leadership Circle. Together, we can foster an environment where talent from all corners of the globe is recognized and nurtured.

OvationMR’s support for the MRII’s newest award is driven by our commitment to excellence, positive change, and global collaboration. We believe in the power of market research and insights to change the world, and by supporting this award, we are one step closer to realizing that potential.

Join us in this exciting journey and continue to be part of shaping the future of our industry!

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