Webinar: New Frontiers in Research Technology (ResTech)

Sampling Excellence, Data Quality, and Fraud Detection

Join us for a webinar about the latest tools and techniques for maximizing data quality, and minimizing fraud, in the research/insights field. The growing sub-field of “Research Technology” (“ResTech”) offers the promise of making research better, faster and cheaper – but it also creates new vulnerabilities in terms of security, privacy and fraud.

This webinar will feature two leading experts about the new wave of data quality solutions, and they’ll share:

  • Practical strategies: Techniques and tips for increasing participant engagement and maximizing data quality
  • Insights from research on research: Key take-aways from a meta-analysis of every major study about research quality
  • Fraud detection approaches: New developments in the art and science of detecting fraud in online surveys

All registrants will receive a link to the online recorded video, so you can view the webinar at a later time, if more convenient. All those interested in the future of ResTech – it’s challenges and opportunities.

This webinar is brought to you by a unique collaboration between ESOMAR, the world’s leading international research association; University of Georgia’s Center for Continuing Education, the leader in self-paced online research courses; Market Research Institute International, a nonprofit association of industry practitioners maintaining and evolving the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™); and the Canadian Research Insights Council, Canada’s market research association.

Speaker: Vignesh KrishnanCEO of Research Defender

Vignesh Krishnan is CEO of Research Defender, a company pioneering scalable solutions that promote a clean, healthy and efficient research ecosystem. He is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on research quality, sampling excellence, real-time participant engagement, and fraud detection. He previously held several senior positions at restech pioneer Lucid.

Speaker: Chuck MillerPresident of Digital Marketing and Measurement (DM2)

Chuck Miller is President of Digital Marketing and Measurement (DM2). He is a veteran of the research business, with particular expertise in survey design and sampling excellence. Chuck holds a patent on the first survey route and is a pioneer in online research. He was formerly Chief Research Officer of uSamp, and VP of business intelligence for AOL.

Moderator: Stephen Kraus, Executive Director of MRII

Dr. Stephen Kraus is Executive Director of Market Research Institute International (MRII) – a non-profit organization devoted to market research education and training. Author of three books, Steve currently teaches marketing at the University of San Francisco.

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Webinar: New Frontiers in Research Technology (ResTech)
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