Customer Experience (CX) and Beyond

Customer Experience (CX) and Beyond

Unleashing the combined power of customer (CX) and employee (EX) experiences to understand the human experience (HX)

Date: July 24, 2024 | 12 p.m. EDT | Free

Speaker: Ramon Portilla, Founder, HumanX Insights LLC

A recent global study found that 90% of business leaders agreed that employee (#EX) and customer experience (#CX) have a direct impact on their net profits, but 82% of them also realized that their EX-levels are low, negatively impacting their business success. Why is that? Historically, “experience” has been a territory chartered also for customers, neglecting the benefit to the employees, especially front-line ones. The pandemic categorically proved the “social” aspect of all, humans, and the fast-paced digital tools are now convenience enablers, so customers/consumer enjoy more the “physical” experiences like dining, traveling, and even shopping. On top of that, technology has created a new customer experience expectation that transcends industries. In other words, for example, why can I have a smooth Netflix experience to continue watching where I left off, but my shopping experience doesn’t offer me the same?

You should attend if:

  1. You have seen a decline in customer loyalty and wonder how to identify the drivers
  2. You are driving a personalization strategy but wonder if you need to have a “closed-loop feedback” one.
  3. You have wondered if your front-line employees should have a variable compensation based on #CX metrics.
  4. You have the hypothesis that your company purpose has not been fully leveraging to drive your business and customer loyalty.

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