Strengthening the Backbone of Market Research: Supporting MRII

By Jim Whaley, MRII Board of Directors member and CEO, OvationMR

[This article first appeared on the OvationMR blog.]

In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, where consumer behavior is ever-evolving and markets are continually shifting, the need for accurate, high-quality market research has never been greater. As market researchers, we must stay ahead of these changes, and the MRII plays a crucial role in our readiness

In leading a global market research firm, I recognize that we live and breathe data. The insights we gain from the market influence our decisions, inform our strategies, and forecast our futures. This relentless pursuit of understanding, this commitment to truth—this is what drives the market research industry.

In the heart of our industry is a gem, a stalwart supporter of our endeavors: The Market Research Institute International (MRII). Although its contributions may not always be top of mind, I am convinced that MRII’s work strengthens the very backbone of our industry. I write this now to shed light on the crucial work of MRII and to encourage everyone in our industry, from budding market researchers to seasoned professionals, to support this organization.

The MRII is, at its core, an educational institution. It prepares the next generation of market researchers with its comprehensive and world-renowned Principles of Market Research course. This program covers the 13 Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™) topics, including everything from research design, data collection methodologies, and statistical analysis techniques, providing a robust, well-rounded foundation in market research. By supporting MRII, we are investing in the education of our future industry leaders. A strong educational foundation is critical for our industry’s growth, sustainability, and evolution.

Moreover, the MRII is committed to maintaining high standards of quality and integrity in market research. It ensures that the principles of objectivity, honesty, and rigorous scrutiny are firmly embedded in our practices. The curriculum offered by MRII does not merely teach skills, but also fosters a culture of ethical market research. Supporting MRII means backing this commitment to ethics and integrity.

It can be difficult to distinguish between high-quality research and superficial insights in an industry awash in data. MRII’s focus on methodological rigor helps address this issue by training researchers to produce reliable and actionable insights. As we support MRII, we are, in essence, endorsing a future where market insights are dependable, trustworthy, and capable of driving impactful decisions.

Beyond its academic programs, the MRII also fosters a vibrant community of researchers worldwide. It is a space for researchers to exchange ideas, provide thought leadership, and challenge the status quo. The organization plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between theory and practice, between academia and the industry. By supporting MRII, we are nurturing a community that is constantly learning, evolving, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in market research.

In today’s fast-paced, digital-first world, where consumer behavior is ever-evolving, and markets are continually shifting, we need for accurate, high-quality market research and this requirement has never been greater. As market researchers, we must stay ahead of these changes, and the MRII plays a crucial role in our readiness. By providing top-notch education, ensuring high standards, promoting integrity, and fostering a global community, the MRII equips us to rise to the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace.

Therefore, I urge you, whether you are an individual researcher, a market research firm, or even a business that relies on market research, to support the MRII.

Your support ensures our industry’s future is secure, our work’s integrity is maintained, and the quality of our insights is beyond reproach. In our commitment to truth, let’s stand behind an organization that shares our values and fortifies our mission. Let’s support the MRII, not just for the future of our industry, but for the greater good of businesses and the global community at large. Because at the “beginning of the day“, market research is not just about data, it’s about understanding the world better, making more informed decisions, and ultimately, creating a brighter future.

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