Perspectives on MRII Emerging Markets Award: A Round-Up

The MRII 2024 Emerging Markets Award, presented in partnership with the University of Georgia and ESOMAR and sponsored by OvationMR, celebrates the dedication and achievements of its recipients, showcasing their potential to shape the future of market research. Beatrice Waruguru Karimi from Kenya, Soumik Siddique Plaban from Bangladesh, and Jorge Enrique Luna from Venezuela have all shared how this award has positively impacted their careers, providing them with valuable skills and knowledge. We also heard from one of the award judges, Phyllis Macfarlane, and the award sponsor, Jim Whaley of OvationMR. Their input highlights the importance of supporting emerging markets in our industry.

2024 Emerging Markets Award Winner: Beatrice Waruguru Karimi, Kenya

Beatrice, a Project Assistant at Aga Khan Institute for Human Development in Kenya, is one of the inaugural recipients of our award and here she shares her positive experience and future aspirations stemming from this opportunity.

2024 Emerging Markets Award Winner: Soumik Siddique Plaban, Bangladesh

Soumik, an Associate at Innovision Consulting in Bangladesh, shares his rewarding experience with the award, highlighting how it has enhanced his skills and passion for market research—which he aims to leverage for impactful strategic decision-making in his career.

2024 Emerging Markets Award Winner: Jorge Enrique Luna, Venezuela

Jorge, a Brand Intelligence Manager at EMG Grupo Creativo in Venezuela, shares how this opportunity has already helped advance his market research expertise and career, particularly in sampling methodologies which is the free course he chose to complete.

2024 Emerging Markets Award Judge: Phyllis Macfarlane, ESOMAR Foundation

One of our esteemed judges for the MRII Emerging Markets Award talks about the privilege of serving as a judge, and how, during the review process, she marveled at the talent and commitment of the applicants—who exemplify the future ambassadors of research in their countries.

2024 Emerging Markets Award Sponsor: Jim Whaley, MRII Board Member and CEO of OvationMR

The CEO of OvationMR, Jim Whaley, shares about his company’s commitment to sponsoring the MRII Emerging Markets Award because of the importance of fostering growth in emerging markets, empowering local talent and bringing innovative market research approaches from these regions to the global stage.

The new MRII Emerging Markets Award aims to provide free market research education to deserving individuals in Latin America, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Pacific regions. You can view the eligible regions here.  The award was created for eligible market research professionals in these emerging markets and provides access to valuable training in countries where it is needed most.

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