MRII study reveals key drivers of job satisfaction and future trends in the market research industry 


Second wave of the global study highlights learning opportunities, skill gaps, and AI’s positive impact on job roles, as well as noting ongoing mental health concerns

  • Two-thirds are satisfied with their jobs
  • Learning opportunities increase satisfaction by 49 pts
  • Three-quarters are favorable about AI’s impact on their jobs
  • 55% are optimistic about the field’s future
  • Half struggle with mental health issues

May 22, 2024 – West Dover, VT – Market Research Institute International (MRII) has released a comprehensive report on the newest wave of its global study among market research professionals about their profession, covering key factors that are impacting their careers and job development. “For the love of learning: Career development in a changing market research industry” provides insight into career paths, job satisfaction, skill gaps, training opportunities, and sentiment – all gathered directly from market research professionals around the globe.

“Our new study data underscores the fact that investing in people and skill development is core and crucial to the success of our industry,” said Ed Keller, executive director of MRII. “Market research professionals value it highly and it’s a key differentiator between those that are the most satisfied with their jobs and those who are less so.  The world of work is ever-changing and this research can help leaders shape training and development strategies, as well as successfully integrate new technologies such as AI into their organizations.”

The study, conducted by MRII along with research partners from QuestionPro and Brand Riffs, updates benchmark research from 2023 and expands its scope to encompass new, topical areas. A quantitative survey was conducted among a global sample of 369 market research and insights practitioners, and in-depth, one-on-one qualitative interviews were conducted to deepen understanding of the data. 

Key insights include understanding career paths and job satisfaction, identifying skills gaps and training opportunities, and gathering opinions on the state of the market research industry as a whole. In addition, the research delved into the role, impact and future implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on jobs in the industry, covered in MRII’s “AI in Focus: Market Researchers Weigh in on AI’sWorkplace Impact for Today and Tomorrow” report, released last month. 

Some key findings include: 

  • Nearly 2 out of 3 market research professionals express high satisfaction levels in their job roles. Key drivers of satisfaction include opportunities for learning and growth, which significantly differentiate between the most and least satisfied professionals, with a 49-point gap. 
  • One troubling finding from the research is that half of survey respondents say mental health is a concern (major or moderate) when it comes to their job.
  • Nearly three quarters of market research professionals are very or mostly favorable about AI as it relates to their job and company, with 72% believing AI will make their job better.
  • Optimism about the future of the profession remains high, with a 55% majority anticipating improvements in 2024 compared to the previous year, plus 6 in 10 respondents are likely to recommend market research/insights as a career.

Notably, a significant portion of professionals entered the industry through avenues other than planned career paths, reflecting the dynamic nature of market research careers.

The report underscores the importance of investing in skill development, with professionals relying on various sources for skill enhancement, including employer-provided training, self-directed learning, and third-party courses. Additionally, the growing role of technology is evident, with professionals actively acquiring new technological skills to stay relevant in the field.

For the love of learning: Career development in a changing market research industry” serves as a vital resource for industry stakeholders, offering invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of market research careers and the factors shaping them. As the industry navigates ongoing transformations, the study provides a roadmap for adapting to change and fostering professional growth.

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