MRII Sponsorship Benefits

We have an opening for you to join the market-leading corporate sponsors of the research industry’s premier online educational programs. These courses are rigorous online certificate programs developed by MRII and delivered by the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education. As MRII is a non-profit, these sponsorships are tax-deductible donations.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

In addition to supporting the next generation in its pursuit of a quality market research background, you’ll receive the following benefits–

  1. Your logo and a company description will appear on the:
    1. Course promotional websites
    2. Course you sponsor within the online course platform
    3. Exhibition materials at the dozen or so conferences around the globe where we exhibit each year (e.g., ESOMAR, Insights Association, Intellus Worldwide, Quirks Events, GreenBook IIeX, TMRE, etc.).
  2. We reference your company’s sponsorship when we share excerpts of the course on the blog, or otherwise mention it.  
  3. We’ll feature you in one email issue per year, to a mailing list of around 10,000 subscribers.
  4. We will use our social-media channels to cross-promote your webinars, white papers, conference appearances, and blog posts that demonstrate your firm’s subject matter expertise.
  5. Additionally, if you have a regular webinar program, we can provide a speaker and excerpts from our courses when you want content that demonstrates thought leadership.

For more information, please reach out to our executive director, Jeffrey Henning,

Who is MRII?

The Market Research Institute International (MRII) is a nonprofit educational institution founded in 1996 with the mission to develop and deliver online courses that fulfill the core market research educational needs of individuals and companies worldwide. We pursue that mission through a unique partnership with the University of Georgia under which MRII commissions and oversees the development of the course content and the University delivers the curriculum and administers the student experience via their online learning platform. Since our founding over 9000 employees from 104 different countries have taken one of our courses.

How are the courses developed?

We rely on a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of industry thought leaders to determine course content and commission recognized experts in the identified content areas to write the courses or individual modules. We have no full-time employees, and we rely on a part-time executive director to handle administrative details.

What courses are offered?

Historically, our flagship courses have been Principles of Market Research and Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research. Over the years we have regularly updated these courses to keep them current with contemporary research practice. Successful candidates earn University of Georgia Continuing Education Units (CEUs), along with a Certificate of Program Completion from MRII, ESOMAR, the Insights Association, and the University of Georgia.  Graduates can also earn national certification through the Insights Association and the Australian Market and Social Research Society, PRC and QPR respectively.

Beginning in late 2017, we launched a project to completely overhaul both courses with a plan to field Principles Express, an entirely new line of courses by mid-2019. The new courses will have some added topics—one for qualitative research, one for secondary/big data, and one for ethical and legal issues. The new courses will no longer rely on an external textbook, all of the material will be online, and we are emphasizing greater interactivity—all as a way to recognize how learning styles are evolving, especially among Millennials. These courses are being pitched to people who want to learn a specific skill without committing to the full 100-130 hours required for Principles of Market Research. These new courses can be done over a weekend. Once all of the 13 standalone courses are complete, we will put them together for an A-Z Principles of Market Research course similar to what we offer now but with all the benefits of the new courses: updated, interactive, with no textbook required. Successful graduates earn a Digital Badge and University of Georgia CEUs.