MRII Emerging Markets Award Winner Equipped to Tackle Business Problems

Soumik Siddique Plaban is among the inaugural recipients of the MRII Emerging Markets Award, sponsored by OvationMR and established in collaboration with ESOMAR and the University of Georgia. The MRII Emerging Markets Award provides free market research education to emerging insights professionals across Latin America, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Pacific. Soumik currently works as an Associate at the Innovision Consulting in Bangladesh. Here, he discusses his experience with the award.

What motivated you to apply for the MRII Emerging Markets Award?

Soumik: Working in the market research portfolio at a consulting company, I have always been passionate about excelling in this field. The course offered customized training in market research, which piqued my interest. I was motivated by the opportunity to enhance both my personal and organizational growth through this specialized education.

What does it mean to you that you were selected as an Award winner?

Soumik: Being selected as the Award winner was an incredible honor. I applied with determination and high hopes, and being awarded felt immensely gratifying. It validated my efforts and commitment to advancing in the field of market research.

Tell us about your motivations for pursuing an MR/Insights career!

Soumik: Market Research is crucial for any business aiming for sustainable growth. During my studies in marketing, the market research course particularly resonated with me as it demonstrated the powerful impact of data on business outcomes. Over time, I realized that market research is not just about data collection and presentation; it’s about deriving actionable insights for strategic decision-making. This aspect fascinated me, and my passion for strategy formulation grew. After joining a consulting firm specializing in market research, I undertook various projects and strived to enhance my efficiency and effectiveness. Seeing the real-life business impact of my work motivates me to excel in this field and become a top professional in market research.

What were your initial expectations for the Market Research Design and Data Identification Principles Express course?

Soumik: I initially expected the course to provide a basic understanding of market research. However, I was pleasantly surprised by its comprehensiveness. While I was concerned that the exams might be challenging, the well-structured course made learning accessible and manageable.

Tell us about your experience with the course.

Soumik: My experience with the course was excellent. The content and materials were rich and engaging, allowing me to gain a new perspective on approaching market research projects. The course pace was ideal, enabling me to learn effectively and apply my knowledge through practical exercises.

What feature[s] about the course was most valuable to you?

Soumik: The most valuable features of the course were the comprehensive content and the additional reading materials. They were timely and highly relevant, significantly enhancing my understanding and skills in market research.

How do you look to leverage your course experience as you progress in your research and insights career?

Soumik: The course has equipped me with a deeper understanding of the strategic decisions businesses need to make. I plan to apply this knowledge to tackle business problems with a well-defined framework. The six-step process outlined in the course will be fundamental in approaching projects and deriving key insights, enabling me to make significant contributions to the field of market research.

The next application cycle for the MRII Emerging Markets Award will begin in March 2025. Check back for updates!

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