MRII Antiracism Statement

“Like fighting an addiction, being an antiracist requires persistent self-awareness, constant self-criticism, and regular self-examination.” ― Ibram X. Kendi, How to Be an Antiracist

As researchers, we seek to understand people, their emotions, and their behaviors. But it does not take research to understand the emotion in the wake of recent events highlighting police brutality and the racial injustices that exist in our society. Silence about racism acquiesces to racism. It is wrong to stay silent, and we cannot be silent any longer. Black people have endured oppression – conscious and unconscious bias – for far too long. To build a just society, change is needed. We condemn police brutality. We support the efforts to combat racism, discrimination, inequality, and injustice. And we stand with those who have been marginalized, oppressed, and victimized because of the color of their skin. We all must work together to overcome systemic racism by championing diversity, equality, and inclusion. Black Lives Matter.

However, words alone aren’t enough; there must also be action. MRII is a volunteer-driven nonprofit dedicated to educating market researchers worldwide through paid courses and free resources. We’ve weighed what actions we can take that also fit our mission. We are funding a new round of seven awards that will be given to nonprofits that focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion. These awards will allow a nonprofit team member to take one of our market research courses at no cost to the organization. If you work for a nonprofit organization with one of these goals and want to conduct research to better understand your cause and your donors, we seek to provide education courses at no charge. In addition to providing these awards, we will review our curriculum and ensure that it is more comprehensive in its diversity and inclusion content and practices.

We also challenge those in the market-research profession to use their skills to help their clients and colleagues understand each other in a more holistic way, one that furthers respect, an openness to each other and our differences, as well as creates equal opportunities for those who have not been presented with such options.

To the MRII volunteers who serve on our board, mentor students, and champion the industry, let us know what else we can and should do. To our partners, the educational institutions, and industry associations around the world we work with, we want to assist you with your educational initiatives in these areas.

For researchers in general, Women in Research has built an excellent resource guide for the research industry. Please go to Join the Fight: An Anti-Oppression Resource Guide for the #MRX Industry.

Together, we can build a research industry that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable, and which guides us all towards the goal of erasing racism.

To take advantage of our nonprofit awards, please visit our website,, for more information about MRII and a complete list of our courses. You can also contact our executive director, Jeffrey Henning, to discuss the available options and to request an application.

Jeffrey Henning, IPC
Executive Director
Market Research Institute International

Michael Mermelstein
President, MRII Board of Directors

Stephanie C. Harris
President-Elect, MRII Board of Directors

Marjette Stark
Treasurer, MRII Board of Directors

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