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Distinguish yourself in the eyes of clients, employers, and colleagues by qualifying for one of these certificates. Advance your market research career from your web browser!

An industry-recognized credential differentiates you from the crowd and validates your expertise. The vast majority of researchers have not yet earned certification, and in many countries, no formal licensing or education is required.

When you graduate from Principles of Market Research, you qualify for certification from four global professional associations: the US-based Insights Association (IPC); the Canada-based Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIP); the Australia-based The Research Society (QRP) (formerly the AMSRS); and, in the healthcare industry, Intellus Worldwide (IMC).

By graduating from Principles of Market Research, you will achieve recognition from employers, peer groups, and other professionals as having mastered the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™) – the most-recognized market research continuing education in the industry.

Don’t delay. Act now to put yourself on the certification pathway to excellence.

NEW – Insights Professional Certification (IPC) by Insights Association

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, the Insights Professional Certification (IPC) allows you to achieve invaluable recognition for excellence in, and dedication to, the research practice. This certification acts as industry recognition of your embrace of the highest ethics and standards, and for your commitment to remaining abreast of new techniques and technologies. On your path to certification, you can earn certificates. For instance, take the Analytics 1-2-3 bundle to earn the IPC Analytics certificate; take ethics, intro, and MR design courses to earn IPC Practitioner; or take any three Principles Express courses to earn the IPC Specialist certificate. 

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Insights Professional Certification—Principal
The IPC Board requires that you have three years’ experience in the practice of market research/analytics to qualify for this certification pathway. A complete IPC application with documentation—including education, resume, application fee, and/or exam exemption certificate – is required. Graduates of the Principles of Market Research course receive an automatic examination exemption for the Insights Association’s IPC Principal,the premier credential in U.S. market research. With a copy of your University of Georgia Certificate of Program Completion, you can be accepted immediately in the program upon submission of your written application. For questions about IPC, contact certification@insightsassociation.org or call +1-202.800.2545. Learn more.

Insights Professional Certification—Master
Requiring 10 years of industry experience and proof of broad expertise for qualification, the Master certification is the perfect way to achieve global industry recognition for your decade-plus of diligent, focused research expertise. As with the Principal certification, a complete IPC application with documentation – including education, resume, application fee, and/or exam exemption certificate – is required. Learn more

The Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals of Canada (CAIP Canada) recognizes the Principles of Market Research  course as a primary pathway toward earning the Certified Analytics and Insights Professional (CAIP) designation. Upon completion of these programs, candidates will be well prepared to write the final exam to earn the CAIP designation. CAIP Canada also recommends the Principles Express courses for candidates looking to fill in the gaps or gain a refresher in specific areas.

QPR logo Qualified Professional Researcher: Graduates of the Principles of Market Research course also holding membership to The Research Society (formerly known as AMSRS Australia) are eligible for an exemption from sitting the QPR exam. This credential is widely recognized throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Contact the QPR Manager at 02 9566 3100 or by email at julieATresearchsociety.com.au for more details. 

NEW – Certified Practitioner Program by Intellus Worldwide
In a global environment never more dependent on crucial healthcare insights and analytics, Intellus Worldwide: Certified Practitioner Program is the ultimate certification pathway for every professional seeking mastery and a competitive advantage in this critical industry. 
And in a world where anyone can claim to be a market researcher, the Insights Association’s Insights Professional Certification allows you to achieve recognition for your distinctive insights mastery. Both exciting new programs allow you to benefit from specialized certifications for more affordable fees, while you achieve recognition in distinctive professional niches.

Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioner Program
Gain career-boosting certification from the world’s #1 organization for healthcare insights and analytics—including global manufacturers and service providers within pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and diagnostics. Achieve prestigious certification while you empower your knowledge and value to a whole new level!
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The new Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioner Program is divided into three distinct levels of achievement and knowledge/skill mastery:
First Level –Intellus Worldwide Certified Associate (ICA)
This first certification level requires that you complete the following MRII/University of Georgia modules: Ethical and Legal Issues in Market ResearchIntroduction to Market Research and the Research ProcessMarket Research Design and Data Identification; and Communicating Research Results. You must also complete, as an elective, either Qualitative Market Research or Quantitative Data Collection Methods. Finally, you must complete a quiz for two Intellus Worldwide Sessions.
Second Level –Intellus Worldwide Certified Professional (ICP)
To achieve this level of certification, you must meet all requirements for ICA (above) plus three additional courses from the following (excluding topics taken as part of the ICA): Qualitative Market ResearchQuantitative Data Collection MethodsSampling in Market ResearchMeasurement and Questionnaire DesignIntroduction to Data AnalysisWorking with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data; or Global Market Research. This Intellus Worldwide Certified Professional level also requires you to complete a quiz for three Intellus Worldwide Sessions.
Third Level –Intellus Worldwide Certified Master (ICM)
This ultimate level of certification requires that you meet all Intellus Worldwide Certified Professional requirements above, plus three additional courses from the following (excluding those taken as part of the ICP): Sampling in Market ResearchIntroduction to Data AnalysisWorking with Secondary DataSyndicated and Big DataAdvanced Analytic TechniquesGlobal Market ResearchEmerging Methods and the Future of Market Research. This Intellus Worldwide Certified Master level will also require you to complete a quiz for four Intellus Worldwide Sessions.
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