Making Research Careers More Attractive

A common theme was “pay,” mentioned by 15% of respondents (half of whom used the phrase “better pay”):

  • “Increase pay & benefits.”
  • “The pay and the dress code.”
  • “Better pay, faster innovation.”
  • “The industry needs to pay a living wage and offer benefits. Make employees feel valued.”

A related theme to pay was “benefits,” mentioned by 5% of respondents.

  • “Good salaries and benefits.”
  • “Better benefits for flexible working as seem to be too rigid to working 9-5. Better incentives to working. More advanced working environment – more fun place to work.”
  • “Benefits would make a huge difference.”
  • “More variety in workload and more fringe benefits.”

Another common theme was employee-centricity, with “employee” mentioned by 7% of respondents and “people” mentioned by 5%:

  • Employees
    • “Listen to employees.”
    • “Offer full time work to employees that do meet all expectations.”
    • “Do more to make the employee happy, not just the customer.”
    • “To not sound clichéd, market research jobs need to be marketed better, to consumers and potential employees alike.”
    • “Value their employees.”
    • “More freedom and entertainment for employees.”
  • People
    • “Hire great people.”
    • “Listen to the people who work for them, when they say there is a problem.”
    • “Make people realize that it is not as difficult as it appears.”
    • “Have career path that people can aspire to not end up in a dead-end job.”

For more details on the survey, please download our report, Market Researchers and the Love of Learning.

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