Loyalty to the Research Industry

Nearly half of researchers can never imagine leaving market research (46%). On the other extreme, 11% think of leaving it daily and 5% think of leaving at least once a week.

Six out of ten respondents (59%) said it was very or completely likely they would still be working in market research a year from now.

Of the respondents who have worked less than a year in market research, 39% reported they were not at all likely or slightly likely to be working in the industry a year from now in contrast to 11% of those with 1 to 9 years of tenure.

Of those who took market research as a first job and stayed, 19% were very likely to still be working in market research a year from now contrasted with 44% of other respondents.

For more details on the survey, please download our report, https://www.georgiacenter.uga.edu/courses/market-research-report Market Researchers and the Love of Learning.

One thought on “Loyalty to the Research Industry

  1. Then there are some of us who are trying to leave aka retire, but keep getting pulled back. Can’t resist the pull of a good project, thinking of new ways to make things work, etc.

    Look at Wendy Gordon, who is older than me, an international guru in qualitative research, still beavering on, and I, at 71, still getting a kick out of it.

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