The MRII Emerging Markets Award: Staying Updated With the Latest in MRX

Earlier this year, we launched the new MRII Emerging Markets Award program, targeting applicants from Latin America, Africa/Middle East, and Asia/Pacific regions around the world. Thanks to the support of OvationMR—and collaboration with ESOMAR and the University of Georgia—the award offers free market research education to emerging market research professionals worldwide.

Jorge Enrique Luna is among the first three recipients of this award. Jorge works as a Brand Intelligence Manager at EMG Grupo Creativo in Venezuela. Here, he shares about his award experience.

What motivated you to apply for the MRII Emerging Markets Award, sponsored by MRII, ESOMAR, OvationMR, and the University of Georgia?

Jorge: I was not aware of the award until I heard about it on LinkedIn. As a resident of an underdeveloped country, it is usually challenging and expensive to access high-level education courses from universities in the US. Therefore, I decided to take a chance and apply, and it seems to have worked out in my favor!

What does it mean to you that you were selected as the Award winner?

Jorge: I am honored to have been considered for this award. I have been following the courses offered by the University of Georgia for a long time, and this particular course is perfect for advancing my career as a market researcher. It has allowed me to update my knowledge in sampling, and I am grateful for the opportunity. I have already begun using this experience in my work.

Tell us about your motivations for pursuing an MR/Insights career.

Jorge: I have been conducting market research for the past fifteen years. It started as a practice opportunity for one of my subjects while studying for my degree in Sociology at university. However, a professor who became my mentor saw potential in me and offered me a job in his company. Now, I work as a full-time freelancer, offering market research consultancy services to anyone who needs them. I also teach market research fundamentals to undergraduate students in social communications and business administration to pass on the knowledge I acquired in this field to the new generations.

What were your initial expectations for the Market Research Design and Data Identification Express course?

Jorge: As a market research professor, I clearly understand the fundamentals of sampling. I was initially concerned that the information I would receive would be too basic or at a beginner’s level. However, due to the University of Georgia’s outstanding reputation, I decided to enroll in the course on this particular area of research, which I find fascinating.

Tell us about your experience with the course.

Jorge: I found the platform easy to navigate, and the content was explained in a very easy way. I feel that I improved my knowledge in the area and even discovered a thing or two that I didn’t know, despite my many years of experience. The time given to complete the course was more than enough, and I appreciated receiving plenty of encouragement and reminders via email, so I wouldn’t get sidetracked by other commitments before finishing the course.

What feature[s] about the course was most valuable to you?

Jorge: I want to point out three things that really stood out to me about the course. First, I appreciated the option to download and review the course material without having to log in to the platform. Additionally, I found the reminders really helpful. In today’s world of remote work and various other commitments, it’s nice to receive occasional reminders to keep me on track with the program. Last but not least, even though my expertise is not in the medical field, I found the explanations about the differences in sampling methods between medical research and other areas to be very insightful.

How do you look to leverage your course experience as you progress in your research and insights career?

Jorge: As mentioned, this course has helped me stay updated with the latest information in my field. I am already sharing this knowledge with my students and using it to provide better information to my clients. I look forward to pursuing more certifications from the University of Georgia soon.

Stay tuned for the next award cycle in 2025!

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