Analytics 1-2-3

Analytics 1-2-3 Course Bundle

$989 | 36 Hours | 3.6 CEUs

We have combined three popular Principles Express+ courses into a specially-priced bundle that will prepare you to take your research skills to a new level.

Demand for researchers is growing, giving market research a Top 10 outlook for business professions, according to US News and World Report.

Gain Vital Skills with Wide Relevance
Every organization has “customers” to please, whether consumers, clients, or internal teams or outside stakeholders. Research skills are vital to help you understand their needs and make yourself indispensable to them in the future.

Enjoy the Flexibility of On-Demand, Self-Paced Courseware
Complete this online 36-hour course bundle at the pace you set. Weekend warriors master a new skill right away, while others take up to 30 days to learn the material and complete the online assessment.

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About 83% of our students receive tuition reimbursement from the organizations they work for — and you should, too. Let us send you an employee sponsorship package to help your manager understand the advantage of investing in our courses.

The Industry-Defining Curriculum
The Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™) is the up-to-date industry consensus on what insights professionals regard as the required fundamentals for research education. Mastering the MRCBOK is the only curriculum recognized by certification programs in the United States, Canada, or Australia. This is the practical foundation to success as a researcher. See this course’s learning objectives.

Drive Your Career Forward

  • Advance your career by enhancing your research skills while continuing to work full time.
  • Earn continuing education units (CEUs) and a Digital Badge from the University of Georgia.
  • This Principles Express+ bundle includes three Principles Express Courses: 
  1. Introduction to Data Analysis,
  2. Advanced Analytic Techniques, and
  3. Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data.

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What Graduates say about the Analytics 1-2-3 courses
Introduction to Data Analysis
The ‘Introduction to Data Analysis’ course is an excellent introduction to the tactical objectives of market researchers, and gives a high-level understanding of the techniques used to achieve those objectives. Anyone who touches or facilitates the gathering of data for market research purposes should understand the basic concepts presented in this
— Baillie Buchannan, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Research For Good

Advanced Analytic Techniques
…’Advanced Analytic Techniques’ is organized, has interesting extra materials (videos), provides good overview of situations to use each technique, is easy to navigate, and great for self-paced flexible training.
—Ruth Hochendoner, an experienced supplier-side researcher

Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data
I found the course engaging and relevant. While the concepts are not new, they are explained in detail and in a well-organized format making it easy to navigate and follow along. I already feel smarter!
– Jennifer von Schneidau, Partner, Global Market Research Group

To qualify for the IPC Analytics certificate take this combined Analytics 1-2-3 Course Bundle. This course bundle will also qualify you to earn the IPC Specialist certificate.

These courses are pre-requisites for both the IPC Professional and Master certificates. Please go here for more information and requirements.

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Participants in career-oriented programs offered through the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education may be eligible for financial assistance.

Tuition Awards
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the self-paced, self-study course?

Anyone working in market research—whether in a research company or a client organization—who works with quantitative data and wants to expand their knowledge of the both basic and advanced analytic techniques. Anyone working in a Consulting, Brand Marketing / Digital Marketing, Market Research or a field with access to large quantities of data (e.g., Human Resources, Financial, Pharmaceutical, etc.), whether in a research company or a client. You might be a new researcher with less than two years experience. Or, you might be a seasoned market researcher looking for a refresher or an opportunity to update your knowledge on this topic. Learn from the experts! The course author and MRII course contributors have decades of combined experience in this area.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in course?

No. There are no prerequisites for enrolling in Analytics 1-2-3. However, the course assumes some knowledge of basic research design and quantitative research practices. Enrollees might also consider one or more of the following: Introduction to Market Research, Market Research Design and Data Identification; Sampling in Market Research; Quantitative Data Collection Methods; and Measurement and Questionnaire Design.

What knowledge is assumed by the Course? You should be familiar with:

  1. Sampling and sampling error (which is covered in a separate Course, Sampling in Market Research)
  2. Types of data variables (which is covered in a separate Course, Measurement and Questionnaire Design)
  3. Weighting (which is covered in Course, Sampling in Market Research)

For more details about these Principles Express courses, go here.

When are the analytic techniques in this course needed?

Businesses face increasing complexity in making important decisions. As a result, market researchers must move beyond simple descriptive statistics. To gain full value from the data at hand, they need predictive techniques. Statistical modeling, and other forms of multivariate analysis, can provide scenario testing opportunities for consultative recommendations and also allow for contingency planning in case markets (or competitors) move in unanticipated ways.

Why should I complete the course?

As a graduate of Principles Express+ Analytics 1-2-3 you will be well-positioned to understand the data your organization possesses and how such data can be “brought to life” through properly applied analytic techniques. You also will gain a broader understanding of the explosion of data collected by others and now available, including big data. Also, this course offers continuing education for research practitioners. If you are PRC certified through the Insights Association (IA), this course qualifies for 36 hours for continuing education.

What do I receive when I complete the course?

Successful graduates of the course will receive 3.6 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the University of Georgia. Additionally, you will earn a Digital Badge to post to your social media assets. Your Digital Badge recognizes your accomplishment as well as builds your brand and credibility in the global market research industry.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Upon receipt of the course “Welcome” email (containing the course URL, your username, and password), you are given up to 30 days to complete the 36-hour, self-paced, self-study course. A one-month extension can be granted for a nominal fee ($50 US). You can make your one-month extension request and payment here. Upon receipt of your extension request payment, 30 days will be added to your original course expiration date.

How much time will I need to devote to study?

Former students have reported spending 34-36 hours in the course. This course awards 3.6 Continuing Education Units to successful graduates.

Who wrote this course?

Ray PoynterRay Poynter – Managing Director, The Future Place and Founder, NewMR
Ray is the author of The Handbook of Mobile Market Research, The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research and the #IPASOCIALWORKS Guide to Measuring Not Counting. He is the founder of, editor of the ESOMAR book Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions, and is the Managing Director of The Future Place, a UK-based consultancy, specializing in training.

Ray has spent the last 35 years at the intersection of innovation, technology, and Market Research, during which time Ray has held director level positions with Vision Critical, Virtual Surveys, The Research Business, Millward Brown, Sandpiper and IntelliQuest.

Bill BeanBill Bean – Principal, Bean and Associates Consulting
Bill is a senior marketing executive specializing in research and analytics. He has founded shopper insights practices at four Fortune 500 consumer goods companies, conducted research in over 20 countries worldwide, and pioneered many applications of advanced analytics techniques to assess marketing performance. He served on the advisory board for the University of Wisconsin A.C. Nielsen Center for Market Research for ten years as well as a trustee of the Marketing Science Institute.

What are the graded components of the course?

You must successfully complete nine online assessments (three for each course within the bundle) with a score of 70% or greater: When you earn a score of 70% or greater for the End of Course Quiz you will be passed to the evaluation questionnaire where you will be completing a short evaluation of the course. Once you have completed the evaluation, an automated message will be sent to the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education alerting the administrative staff of your SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION of the online course. Within 36 hours, you will receive a confirmation “graduate” email from the University of Georgia.

Do I have to purchase a textbook?

No. However, we suggest you consider purchasing the recommended textbooks. The suggested textbooks are:

Malhotra, Naresh K., Essentials of Marketing Research: A Hands-On Orientation, Pearson Education: Upper Saddle River, NJ.;
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-340182-0 (digital subscription edition)

Chakrapani, Chuck, Analytics for Customer Insights: A Non-Technical Introduction. ©2018;
ISBN: 978-0-920219-52-2 (print version recommended) or ISBN 978-0-920219-52-2 (eBook).

Included in the online course are suggested reading assignments from the above textbooks. These readings are not required content and will not be part of the testing for the course. The textbook suggestions are simply intended to add additional depth to your understanding of the topic.

Can I study the online course content with my mobile device? What are the technology requirements (devices and browser)?

The online course content, tools and resources are best optimized for a desktop or laptop computer. While the online platform is designed to be mobile responsive, we strongly recommend the use of a desktop or laptop computer.

To take advantage of the different features (PDF files, URLs/links to external websites, animated exercises, audio and video clips) you should use a Windows or Macintosh-based browser. A robust browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari and a fast internet connection provide the best experience. The online platform supports many popular web browser versions. To find out if your computer’s current software configuration is compatible, see System & Software Requirements.

What are my financing options?

Participants in career-oriented programs offered through the University of Georgia Center for Continuing Education may be eligible for financial assistance.

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

You may cancel your enrollment within the first seven days and receive a refund less a $100 administrative processing fee, provided that you have not accessed the online course material at all. Written requests for course cancellation or transfer must be sent to in order to be processed.