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Now Offering New & Improved Principles of Market Research Course

The Principles of Market Research offers professional continuing education that helps business practitioners understand the full process of research from beginning to end, with practical self-paced study, covering 13 topics of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™). Learn the fundamental skills needed to conduct robust and insightful market research at your own pace. $1,795 | 135 Hours | 13.5 CEUs.

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Course Discounts for Groups

We offer group enrollments for all courses. You may enroll in a course as an organization, or come together to take multiple courses with your team. For 10 or more Principle Express registrations receive a discounted rate of $319 per registration. For 10 to 24 participants in the Principles of Market Research course, receive a discounted rate of $1,545 per registration. For 25 or more, please email Pam Bracken.

Available Principles Express Courses

Introduction to Market Research and the Research ProcessMarket Research Design and Data Identification Sampling in Market Research
$359 | 14 Hours | 1.4 CEUs$359 | 9 Hours | .9 CEUs $359 | 9 Hours | .9 CEUs
Learn about the broad set of activities that define market research – an essential introduction for individuals just entering the field as well as those who have some experience but want a broader view. Learn More. Learn how to identify the issue a business faces, determine its information needs, develop research objectives and hypotheses, and determine the best way to achieve those objectives. Learn More. Learn the basic principles to apply when designing and drawing samples that represent your target audience and the basics of traditional probability sampling as well as the ins and outs of working with panels and other forms of online sampling. Learn More.
Market Research
Quantitative Data Collection MethodsWorking with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data
$359 | 9 Hours | .9 CEUs $359 | 10 Hours | 1 CEU $359 | 12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs
Learn how to effectively surface ideas and hypotheses by yielding robust insights into the “why” behind various respondent behaviors, perceptions, and motivations. Learn More. Learn how to match your data collection method to the business problem and the target population – a critical step in research design. Learn More. Learn about both traditional uses of secondary data and the evolving application of big data in market research. Learn More.
Introduction to Data AnalysisAdvanced Analytic TechniquesCommunicating
Research Results
$359 | 12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs$359 | 12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs$359 | 10 Hours | 1.2 CEUs
Learn how to prepare your data for analysis, select the most appropriate statistical methods, and develop an analysis plan. Learn More.Learn about a variety of the most common advanced analytical techniques in use today, when to use them, and what they can tell us about the business problem under study. Learn More.Learn how to translate your research findings into reports and presentations that grab your audience’s attention, address the business decision your client needs to make, and offer sound and useful recommendations. Learn More.
Global Market ResearchEmerging Methods and TheFuture of Market ResearchMeasurement and Questionnaire Design
$359 | 8 Hours | 0.9 CEUs$359 | 12 Hours | 1.2 CEUs$359 | 8 Hours | 0.8 CEUs
Learn how to design and conduct multi-country market research and get introduced to concepts and best practices for conducting global research. Learn More. Learn how evolving technological, social, scientific, economic, and cultural forces are redefining how market research is designed and conducted. Learn More. Learn the fundamental ethical and legal principles that govern our relationships with the people whose data we collect and/or process in research, and why it is important that those principles govern our actions at all times. Learn More.

Analytics 1-2-3 Principles Express+ Bundle

$989 | 36 Hours | 3.6 CEUs

This Principles Express+ bundle includes three Principles Express Courses:

  1. Introduction to Data Analysis,
  2. Advanced Analytic Techniques, and
  3. Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data.

In this unique bundle of three courses, you will learn how to prepare your data for analysis, select the most appropriate statistical methods, and develop an analysis plan to support the business decision that needs to be made. You also will learn about the many secondary data sources now available to you, including the increasing availability of syndicated data and what is popularly referred to as “big data.” $989 |36 Hours | 3.6 CEUs. Learn More.

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