Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and Market Research

There has been a good deal of handwringing of late in the NewMR social media bubble about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook imbroglio and its implications for MR. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about do some googling.) The general issue at play is one that the ESOMAR Professional Standards Committee (PSC) has been wrestling with […]

Big Data’s Impact on MR: Synergy vs. Substitute

In the never ending conga-line of purported shiny new methodologies purported to relegate traditional marketing research to the scrap heap, “big data” has certainly captured its share of attention in recent years.   There’s been an ongoing popular debate among insights professionals regarding the utilization of behavioral data (BIG DATA) as a surrogate for or even […]

Predictive analytics: Is there a price to pay?

Predictive analytics is very much in demand these days. What exactly is it? Predictive analytics is the same as the multivariate analysis we have been doing all along. The only difference is that in traditional analysis we have to explain the relationships we identify and in predictive analytics we don’t. Suppose we find that when […]

A New “Golden Age” for Customer Segmentation?

I still remember my first time. Some 25 years ago as a young marketing executive at the PGA of America, I hypothesized that profiling golfers by simply looking at behavioral metrics like annual rounds of golf played, wasn’t helping us to capture their emotional connection to the game that could potentially trigger more resonant marketing […]

Making sense of big data

Yesterday morning I heard Bob Groves speak at the StatCan conference. His talk was titled, “Towards a Quality Framework for Blends of Designed and Organic Data.” Or, more simply put, survey data and big data. For those who may not know him, Bob has been our most significant evangelist of the total survey error (TSE) […]

Big data in official statistics

I am at a conference in Gatineau, Quebec (just across the river from Ottawa), which is all about big data and official statistics. It is heavily attended by people from national statistical institutes (e.g. US Census, Statistic Netherlands, and Statistics Canada who organized the event) from around the world, all of them eager to find […]