Advice for New Market Researchers

As part of our survey of researchers, we asked them to give advice to young people about the research industry. The key messages were around learning, hard work, and accumulating experience.

Researchers value their own opportunities to learn and grow, and “learning” was a key theme, mentioned by 10% of respondents.

  • “Be prepared to learn new things during your entire career, and don’t be afraid to leave a company if it is abusive–there ARE firms that treat their employees well.”
  • “Learn and apply as much as you can.”
  • “To learn about it in college or uni.”
  • “Learn as much as you can when you find a good job.”
  • “Make the most of it while you’re young; keep learning and never settle. When you feel it’s time to leave, LEAVE.”
  • “Start at a small company so you can have hands on experience from the beginning and learn more than one methodology instead of being categorized in just quant or just qual.”
  • “Be honest, give your best at everything that you do. Keep learning more about Market Research.”
  • “There is always something new to learn, don’t get stuck in your ways.”
  • “Stay positive, learn and grow.”
  • “That’s it’s an awesome job and you learn new things from it every day, and it will make you an amazing person.”
  • “Confidence and willingness to learn from mistakes is the key to success.”
  • “Self-learn.”
  • “Learn statistics, how to handle data, and particularly how to work out percentages.”

The need for hard work was the second-most common theme (8% of respondents):

  • “Hard work pays out in the end.”
  • “Prepare for long hours and little thanks for the work. However, the work is flexible and if you stick at it, promotion can be quite fast.”
  • “Work hard and it will pay off.”
  • “It is very fun but also hard work.”

Others emphasized the need to build experience (5% of respondents):

  • “To do as many internships as possible while in school so you can have experience before graduation.”
  • “Study in the market research field you want to enter. Seek out an internship to gain experience, build your resume, and to possibly work full time at the firm you intern at.”
  • “Try to get more experience.”

For more details on the survey, please download our report, Market Researchers and the Love of Learning.

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