About Us

Helping good market researchers get better.

Our mission is to offer global, market-leading continuing education programs for the understanding, practice, or consumption of market research, insights, and data science. We pursue that mission by developing and delivering online courses designed to fulfill the core market research educational needs of individuals and companies worldwide. Our courses are written and continually updated by subject matter experts from across the research industry, and they are designed to meet the certification requirements of major national and international professional and industry associations.

A History of Service

MRCBOKMRII was founded in 1996 by a task force of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) charged with creating a non-profit organization to develop an independent study program based on the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™). A Board of Directors of industry leaders was formed to oversee the development of the Principles of Market Research in conjunction with the University of Georgia. In 1998, MRII, MRA, and the University of Georgia entered into an alliance with ESOMAR for the purpose of offering the course worldwide.

In 2006, MRII adapted the Principles of Market Research to reflect the specific needs of pharmaceutical market researchers and began offering Principles of Pharmaceutical Market Research. In 2018, it added a new line of on-demand courses, Principles Express, designed to be completed in 10 to 12 hours. (See History of the MRII for more information.)

MRII Board of Directors


Marjette Stark President Stark Solutions
Shelly Ray Treasurer MMR Research
Paul Hunter President-Elect Miami University
Stephanie C. Harris Immediate Past President Visa


Scott Beck Xavier University
Pamela Bracken University of Georgia, Center For Continuing Education
Mario Carasco Think Now
Dan Coates Ypulse
Lisa R. Courtade Organon Zoe Dowling, Ph.D. Microsoft Charlie Farr Chick-fil-A Dan Fleetwood QuestionPro Dan Foreman Hatted Naomi Grewal, Ph.D. Workday Stephanie C. Harris Past President Visa Paul Hunter Miami University Anthony Jackel C Space Rahul Jain Microsoft Zontziry Johnson Zappi Roddy Knowles Feedback Loop Guido Lara LEXIA Jon Last Past President Sports & Leisure Research Group Jonathan Lepisto US Bank Jen Perry Chadwick Martin Bailey Shelly Ray MMR Research Associates Wendy Rosen Cox Communications Larni Paras Edelman Data and Intelligence David Scowcroft, Ph.D. Ipsos Healthcare – North America Marjette Stark Stark Solutions

Ex Officio Subject Matter Directors

Chuck Chakrapani, Ph.D. Leger Marketing Wayne McCullough, Ph.D. Past President Michigan State University Charlotte Sibley Past President Sibley Associates, LLC Barry G. Watson, Ph.D. Past President Environics Research Group Ltd. Jeffrey Henning Past President Researchscape

Ex Officio Directors

Melanie Courtright Insights Association Marcus Cunha, Jr., Ph.D. Terry College of Business University of Georgia Michael Mermelstein Past President Nichols Research Kiel Norris University of Georgia, Center For Continuing Education Finn Raben ESOMAR John Tabone Canadian Research Insights Council  

Emeritus Directors

Chuck Dodson Howard Gershowitz Terry H. Grapentine John Kelly Ron Kornokovich Robert B. Leiter, Ph.D. Malcolm McNiven, Ph.D. William Neal Betsy Peterson


Stephen Kraus Executive Director Market Research Institute International

Past Executive Directors 2001-2004: Mike Naples 2004-2005: Terry Grapentine 2005-2014: Don Marek 2014-2018: Reg Baker, Ph.D. 2019-2021: Jeffrey Henning

Past Presidents 1996: Linda Tessar, Walker Research, Retired 1997: Howard Gershowitz, Mktg., Inc. (USA) 1998: Ron Kornokovich, OPINIONation, Retired 1999: Bill Neal, SDR, Inc., Retired 2000: Don Marek, AT&T, Retired 2001: Joe Ottavani, Bellomy Research 2002-2004: Al Paison, The Customer Loyalty Research Center, Retired 2005: Terry Grapentine, Grapentine Co., LLC 2006: Susan Adelman, Survey Service, Inc. 2007: John Kelly, Ceallaigh Associates, Retired 2008: Julie Williams, MaritzCX, Retired 2009: David Ashley, Department of Homeland Security 2010: Pat Crane, Eastman Kodak Company, Retired 2011: Charles "Chuck" Dodson, WILD Flavors, Inc., Retired 2012: John Lewington, Ph.D., Maryville University, Retired 2013: Charlotte E. Sibley, Sibley Associates 2014: Barry Watson, Environics 2015: Wayne McCullough, University of Michigan 2016: Lisa Courtade, Merck & Co. 2017: Jon Last, Sports & Leisure Research Group 2018: Jeffrey Henning, Researchscape International 2019: Dan Coates, Ypulse, Inc. 2020: Michael Mermelstein, Nichols Research