8 Market Research Webinars Now Available On-Demand

8 Market Research Webinars Now Available On-Demand

As keepers of the Market Research Core Body of Knowledge (MRCBOK™), the Market Research Institute International (MRII) and University of Georgia (UGA) continue to be the leading educational organization within the market research and insights community.

In 2020, MRII and UGA partnered with ESOMAR and the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC) to offer a new series of complimentary educational webinars, each of which is now available on-demand. One of our attendees remarked, “You’re doing a great service to our discipline and helping us all get smarter.” We’re proud of offering educational webinars that serve the industry, and we encourage you to watch the recordings for topics that you want to learn more about.

We also invite you to view our affordable online courses and subscribe to our email newsletter for more information on future webinars.

Below is the comprehensive list of our 2020 webinars. Please note that you must register for each webinar in order to receive an email with the link to the on-demand recording. 

From Story To Glory 

Presenter:  Jeffrey Henning, Executive Director, MRII 

In this first webinar for 2020, the focus was on storytelling; 

  • learning about the best story structures for reporting on research, 
  • how to determine the story structure that fits your data and your audience, 
  • how to craft a story that inspires change and action.

Presenter Jeffrey Henning, Executive Director of MRII, gave a version of this presentation to a packed audience at the Quirk’s Event in Brooklyn last year. This webinar is your opportunity to hear an expanded version of Jeffrey’s talk, and gain practical advice for communicating research results that you can immediately apply in your work.

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Informing Business Decisions With Secondary Data

Presenter:  Jeffrey Hunter, Retired Senior Director, General Mills

Get insight into how clients leverage established and emerging forms of secondary data to identify opportunities, generate ideas, and help inform decisions.

In just 1 hour, you’ll benefit from these 3 high-impact takeaways:

  • Understand how the business assesses information need and integrates different data streams
  • Mini-case studies that reveal exactly how secondary-data sources can deliver fresh new business-boosting insights and outcomes to your marketing
  • Today’s key secondary-data sources, and types you can effectively leverage

You’ll also get next-step, no-obligation information about the University of Georgia Principles Express course, Working with Secondary Data: Syndicated and Big Data.

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Driver Analysis As A Gateway To Advanced Analytics 

Presenters: Jeffrey Henning, Executive Director, MRII and Keith Chrzan, SVP, Sawtooth Software

A common reason for conducting surveys is to help organizations determine what to prioritize, by determining which aspects have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, loyalty, or advocacy. 

Jeffrey Henning, Executive Director, MRII, and Keith Chrzan, SVP, Sawtooth Software, co-presented a how-to session, starting with a simple example of how to do a basic driver analysis, and then introduce advanced analytics that can make it more powerful. 

Topics included:

  • How to develop a questionnaire to use for a Key Driver Analysis
  • How to use correlation and perceptual maps for a basic Key Driver Analysis
  • What additional, more complex analytical techniques to consider, along with free resources to apply them

Sawtooth Software is a sponsor of the University of Georgia Principles Express course, Advanced Analytic Techniques.

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Turbo Charging Growth in Challenging Times 

Presenter: Zoe Dowling, SVP Research, FocusVision

Many elements impact how market research is designed and conducted. These include evolving technological, social, scientific, economic, and cultural forces. In this webinar, Zoë Dowling, Ph.D., SVP of FocusVision discussed the broader landscape changes that impact how we conduct market research and explores what it means for mainstream methodologies as well as emerging approaches. 

Join Zoe Dowling, SVP Research, FocusVision in a discussion on the following:

  • Technological, cultural, and business trends impacting market research
  • Agile research as an emerging methodology
  • The growth of mobile ethnographies and online focus groups

This Principles Express Live session was derived from the University of Georgia course, Emerging Methods and the Future of Market Research

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Theory and Back Again: A Researcher’s Tale 

Presenter: Zontziry “Z” Johnson, VP of Customer Transformation, Zappi

Theoretically, market research is a core set of steps that work in conjunction with the rest of an organization’s efforts to drive business decisions using data. Realistically, that’s not always how it happens. Or is it? 

Join Zontziry “Z” Johnson, VP of Customer Transformation, Zappi to learn more on the market research process and how it drives business decisions. 

Topics include:

  • Reviewing the ideal market research process
  • Customer input as a source of data
  • Feeding business decisions 
  • Theory vs. reality 

This Principles Express Live session was derived from the University of Georgia course, Introduction to Market Research and the Research Process.  

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Critical Thinking Skills to Go from Good to Great

Presenter: Susan Frede, Research Director, Aimpoint Research

Critical thinking is a soft skill that can give researchers a leg up by driving thinking to be more disciplined and active. Strong critical thinking skills can help throughout the research process, from defining the problem to the presentation of the results. 

Join Susan Frede, Research Director, Aimpoint Research, in this presentation that defines critical thinking and discusses the following: 

  • Activities involved in critical thinking
  • The gap between employers’ and students’ perceptions of critical thinking
  • Techniques to develop the necessary critical-thinking skills

This Principles Express Live session was derived from the University of Georgia course, Market Research Design and Data Identification.

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Customer Experience: Where It’s Been And Where It’s Heading 

Presenter: Bruce Temkin, Head of Qualtrics XM Institute

As organizations improve their Customer Experience (CX) capabilities through better skills and technology, the nature of CX is changing. While collecting survey feedback had been a primary focus for CX programs, organizations are more acutely focusing on the actions they take from the insights. 

Join Bruce Temkin, Head of Qualtrics XM Institute, who shared details on the current CX trajectory.

Topics include:

  • How is CX becoming more action-oriented?
  • What are the elements of a modern CX program?
  • Where will CX programs head in the future?

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Understanding Agile Research

Presenter: Nikki Lavoie, Founder, and CEO, MindSpark Research International

Agile Research is a term that seems to be back in the spotlight this year–and it’s no surprise! That’s right: Agile Research was a much talked about approach that began picking up steam nearly a decade ago and faded back out before the world was turned on its head in 2020. 

Now, with budgets getting smaller and timelines getting tighter, Agile Research is once again front-and-center in buzzword bingo. 

Join Nikki Lavoie, Founder of MindSpark Research International, in this engaging session on understanding Agile Research, and how to learn it, execute it, and offer it to your clients or stakeholders. 

Topics include:

  • Defining Agile
  • Understanding the cycle
  • A look at the Agile tools on the market

If you would like to learn more about Agile Research and how to apply it in your work , check out the University of Georgia Principles Express course, Emerging Methods & The Future Of Market Research.

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The Opportunity for UX Research 

Presenter: Michaela Mora, President, Relevant Insights

Interest in User Experience (UX) is growing but the research needed to support good user experiences is often conducted by designers, developers, and product managers with little or no knowledge of research fundamentals.

Even for market researchers, the new term sounds somewhat disconnected from traditional research and many wonder what it entails.

Join Michaela Mora of Relevant Insights in this session that covers the following:

  • What is and what is not UX
  • How research can support UX
  • Additional areas of expertise needed to conduct UX research

If you’re interested in UX Research and how to apply it in your work , check out the University of Georgia Principles Express course, Emerging Methods & The Future Of Market Research.

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